5 Steps to a More Mobile Publishing Platform

April 24, 2012

In an earlier post, we touched on the importance of integrating mobile into your online publishing model. The Cisco Visual Networking Index tells us that by the end of the year, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth—leading to over 10 billion by 2016. So, just exactly how do you become more mobile (aside from adding wheels to your shoes)? 

One step, simply put: you want to make your website more mobile friendly. Using a SaaS Web Content Management Platform is a good place to start, especially when the next 5 steps will help you get (successfully) mobile in no time:

1)    Know what your audience is using.  You may be sick of hearing this, but it really comes down to context awareness. If you are already tracking and getting to know your users and site activity, then you will know what mobile devices are being used to access your content. You can build your content and design to best suit those devices.

2)    Design for simple, intuitive navigation.

a.     Make it easy for your readers to find your content in any format.

b.     Make your content spacious and easy to scan. If people feel cramped on the big screen, they won’t take the time to squeeze into your site on mobile.

3)    Apply the rule of the 4 C’s: clear, concise, compelling content. You’re a publisher; this comes naturally to you. Remember that people are reading in small spaces—literally and figuratively. They are using small screens in small windows of time. Let them know that what you have is worth reading—from the get-go.

4)    Use images to illustrate, not dominate. Images and video are truly powerful tools of engagement; just remember they can slow load times, so you need to exercise a balance. One or two gripping images will serve better than several mediocre images.

5)    Avoid Flash and Java Script. Not all devices will support them. Stick with HTML5.

Really, mobile just gives your website arms for reaching a greater audience. Focus on an approach that envisions the best expression of your brand in every platform. Think in terms of convenience, relevance and practicality. Implement these steps and you’ll be on your way.