Enhanced Content = Deeper Audience Engagement


Enhanced Content = Deeper Audience Engagement

April 19, 2012

By now you know that a healthy SaaS Web Content Management Platform allows you to create deeper engagement opportunities for your audience. As a publisher, it’s about providing your visitors with tools and insight that help them apply the content you provide to them to make decisions or to simply inform. As we’ve mentioned previously, integrating with social media and mobile puts you right at the user’s fingertips and keeps them interacting through your site.

Condé Nast recently provided a stellar example of this with their purchase of ZipList, a digital recipe and grocery shopping food service.

Folio’s Bill Mickey says, “The move enables Condé to enhance its food content by allowing customers to take action while they're still engaged with it. With the ZipList technology integrated with that yummy apple pie recipe, site visitors won't have to disengage to create their shopping list. It also opens up targeted opportunities for marketers looking to get in front of shoppers right as they're getting ready to hit the grocery store.”

This is a great reminder of the simple idea that you want to provide content that makes the lives of your readers easier and more fun. Just make sure your web CMS is up to the task.