Generate Leads, Enhance Customer Service

February 10, 2011

OK, so talking about integrations may not be the sexiest topic, but unlike other issues you consider every day, integrating your circulation or fulfillment system is an essential step in running an efficient online publishing business. Consider all the touch points with your readers:

Customer Service

Sales - online, print, subscriptions, downloads

Lead Generation


Make sure your content management system (CMS) works together with your Circulation or Fulfillment system to maintain subscriber information between your website and your subscriber database to support real-time transactions on your website. Why should you care?

Consider these scenarios:

  • Do I want my website to support free trials, paid subscriptions and customer account management
  • Are transactions made on my site, or do I send subscribers/buyers to another site?
  • Does my registration process capture all new subscriber information, or is it handled on another site, by another company?
  • Can new subscribers access premium content or downloads right away?
  • Are my eNewsletters to multiple subscriber groups automated?
  • Can I offer premium content requiring payment or registration?
  • How's my customer service?
  • Can my subscribers manage their own account?
  • Can subscribers re-download content they've paid for?


Make more money: here are just a few choices and improved service you can offer to readers or subscribers:

1. Online & Print Subscription: Access to Premium content on the site along with a print subscription.

2. Online Only: Access to Premium content on the site.

3. Print Only: NO access to Premium content on the site.

4. Registered Online Free Trial: Access to Premium content for a period of time you can set.

5. Registered Print Free Trial: No access to Premium content on the site.

6. Registered Only: Receive email newsletters but no access to Premium content on the site.

Plus, advertisers will pay more for Leads with detailed content or product preferences. Sell products, webinar registrations, whitepapers, and other products on your site, without sharing your customer information (unless you want to) Managing your customer relationships to increase account value and deliver relevant products and service often seem like insurmountable goals.

Circulation integration may not be at the top of your list, but if you see online publishing as the future of your business, and are serious about making money from it, making your systems work together will deliver very rewarding results.