Amazing How a Little Search Engine XML Sitemap Can Help Your Site!

May 21, 2009

Search Engine XML Sitemap

It was just over a year ago when I launched a site for a client that had no concept just how much traffic can be drawn to their site by having a Search Engine XML Sitemap in place.

Within one week of adding the Search Engine XML Sitemap to their site the pages indexed rose from 8,300 to 22,000 indexed pages on Google. Looking in Google today the site now has 439,000 indexed pages.

Indexed pages have increased tremendously on other search engines as well with 343,410 pages on, 418,000 pages on and 86,200 pages on Overall the sitemap has made an enormous impact on traffic drawn to the site.

It just goes to show how much traffic you can draw to your site by implementing a standard mechanism designed to help search engines help you!