The ePublishing system is designed to provide dynamic publishing of any content through any channel at any time.

Our JX2 Framework, with its superior flexibility, scalability, and efficiency – is just one element of a system that is the result of the ePublishing team’s decade-plus of real-world experience handling high-availability, mission-critical web sites and applications.

Since ePublishing is based on components, where each functional piece is engineered as a separate “plug-in” or module, we deploy the features and functionality that best support your current business while accommodating change. This flexibility means we can easily add or develop custom modules for new features without business interruption or rebuilding your site.

Depending on the user’s level of technical expertise, they may control, create or manage any parts of the site using CSS and XSLT. Novice users typically work in WYSIWYG to accomplish their objectives with a minimum of training required.

If desired, your in-house staff can access the ePublishing platform via web services access to the ePublishing platform and create features and functionality in open source languages and environments.

The inherent scalability and use of dynamic caching mechanisms throughout the JX2 architecture allows your site to grow as your business grows, and accommodate large spikes of traffic without challenge.

ePublishing is also engineered from the bottom up to be deployed across multiple load-balanced clusters of servers – from databases to application servers. Add in our superior hosting, and you can be sure that your site will stay open for business – ready to handle significant traffic without missing a beat.

With ePublishing, you can create content, community or commerce just one time, and then deliver it via multiple channels, whether print, email, syndication, digital edition (PDF), wireless, microsite, or website.

Meanwhile it encourages editorial efficiency by being able to author content once and deploy through any online – or offline – channel.

Nobody can predict the future, but ePublishing will protect your technology investment. ePublishing allows you to adapt efficiently to changing technologies and customer preferences, substantially increasing ROI as it serves your business needs for years to come.