Often times, it may be more economical or expedient to immediately obtain highly competitive keywords on the Search Engines through paid advertising.

This is used very cost-effectively with short-term offers, a response to competitive market conditions, or a unique and immediate corporate PR need. When these ads are written, they begin appearing at the top of the Search Engines on the same or next day of that need.

Using paid advertising on the Search Engines, and primarily Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”), is typically the fastest way to reach target audiences. Each time a prospect clicks your ad you are charged – hence, having a strategy to improve ROI for PPC is key.


ePublishing focuses on lowering your cost of customer acquisition and improving your ROI. By continually testing proven offers and calls to action against new concepts – you will benefit from higher conversion rates and better audience/offer targeting.

Your Pay-Per-Click ads can be developed to target specific keywords, unique offers, regions of the country, cities, and times of the day. PPC best practices recommend that upon click the ad point to a unique page, funneling the user down a path of the business goal. These ads are typically rotated with alternate versions to test and optimize the performance of each ad and campaign.

ePublishing SEM Services can optimize existing, or create new PPC campaigns for you.

Services Offered:
  • Campaign Development
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Keyword Selection (Including Typos)
  • Ad Writing
  • Ad Optimization
  • Landing Page & Microsite Development
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Goal-Funnel Development
  • Developing Test Scenarios
  • Goal & Conversion Analysis
  • Channel Region & Day-Part Selection
  • Quick Turnaround On Urgent Marketing Needs