30 Ways Publishers Can Repurpose Content + Tips for Doing It Right

As of Thursday, July 14, 2022

After you publish an article, how many ways can you squeeze more value from it? 

Repurposing content means taking the article — or information published in any other way — and giving it new life. For example, you could publish it in a new format, break it into smaller pieces, combine it into a new larger piece or even tailor the content to a new target audience. You could also curate content, bringing together related pieces for your audience on a landing page or through email.

What’s exciting about repurposing content in 2021 is that the ideas can extend beyond the written word.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

The editors, freelancers, research and reporting it takes to produce top-notch content is likely your No. 1 cost. You owe it to your organization to maximize the ROI from that investment.

The benefits of repurposing content include:

Ways to Repurpose Content

How many ways you can use and reuse an article to get more bang for your buck? You may be familiar with many of these ideas, but how many have you actually incorporated into your content planning workflow?

  1. Publish original article to your website
  2. Publish original article to your print publication
  3. Incorporate article or a portion of it into your newsletter or email blast
  4. Use snippets from the article in social media posts
  5. Have an editor or writer read an article for audio consumption
  6. Develop a webinar or video using the content, reformatted for visual engagement
  7. Convert a webinar or video into an audio format, such as podcast or sound snippets to support articles
  8. Create a downloadable PDF version of a high-value article and require registration
  9. Include article or pieces of article with others in a report and require registration or purchase
  10. Combine articles that relate to a particular, timely or important topic and promote them as a series or featured section on website
  11. Pull data and relevant points from an article into an infographic
  12. Include the article in a market report or an annual round-up
  13. For timely or popular topics, circle back after a year and provide an update with any new, relevant information
  14. After conducting an interview, if there’s more material than is relevant for a current assignment, save the extra for further articles or social media posts
  15. Create a submission to an outside publication based on an existing article or articles, depending on your market. For example, an association may want to contribute to a trade publication, or an enthusiast media publication may want to send a piece to a local or national newspaper.
  16. While conducting an interview with an industry expert, record the interview so you can share audio or video clips on social media and/or embed them into the article 
  17. Create a photo or illustrative series of a topic based on an article for a photo gallery in the original story and to share on social media 
  18. Keep news stories relevant by continually updating the information to surface the article again and get fresh reads
  19. Take old interviews with experts and thought leaders and share them as Q&As 
  20. Publish transcripts of webinars, podcasts or interviews
  21. Create an article round-up as a newsletter such as sub-niche, topic-based articles or the most popular reads of the week
  22. Find a new way to promote old but popular topics by hosting a webinar or event with experts, which creates fresh material to share on social or your website
  23. Write article summaries of live-event presentations
  24. Create audio or video clips of live-event presentations to run with and enrich articles; keep them under 60 seconds
  25. Curate a newsletter of related evergreen content, all different takes on the same topic
  26. Do you publish directories or lists on your site? Create PDFs of the same lists and gate them for registrations
  27. Package related evergreen content into a print book or report, available for order in your store
  28. Repurpose an article or a series of articles into webinars or training
  29. Upload presentations to Slideshare
  30. Create a monthly “best of” or “most important news this week” article or email, curating great video, audio and articles

Best Practices for Repurposing Content

Now that you’re armed with ideas on how to get the most from every resource (and your team’s time), here are some tips to ensure that you’re repurposing content as effectively as possible:

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