SaaS Update: Powerful WuFoo & Paypal Integrations

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Paypal WuFoo Integration Logos

PayPal Payflow Pro

There is a reason why PayPal is a perennial leader — their commitment to smoothing the friction of e-commerce transactions while maintaining top notch features and fraud protection.

The acquisition of Braintree has made the next generation of PayPal even more exciting.

ePublishing and PayPal together ensures users stay on your site and in your cart, while still providing the most secure solution possible. With all that power, there is no sacrifice for speed or quality - and as noted in a previous post, we have wrapped more transaction intelligence into the checkout process.

We will even let you know what PayPal told a user as to why their transaction failed.

Wufoo Forms

Form solutions have always been a bit quirky, and definitely disruptive to the user experience on a website. They have historically been especially problematic in high context, engagement-driven environments.  Our deep integration with Wufoo has made that a thing of the past.  Wufoo's online form and data collection resources can now be tied in with your site and its data to accomplish some interesting things.

As promised here are some examples from a new site, Insider Books.

Inside Insider-Books

Wellesley Information Services’ new site Insider Books has already exceeded their very aggressive revenue goals in just a few short months, thanks in large part to an innovative new site concept. The ePublishing Wufoo integration helps support this business model, which partially relies on sponsorships of chapters and books that requires varying data per sponsor/chapter never with the same questions twice.

For Insider-Books, ePublishing tied in the Registration/Logon User processes with custom WuFoo forms to collect this specific sponsor-requested data, and to make use of the WuFoo reporting to see your response data in its reporting tools - including valuable charts and graphs.

The team at Insider Books places the form which ePublishing pre-populates with data currently in their ePublishing User Manager, even though it is a third-party system.

This allows the creation of dynamic business rules that, based upon how the questions are answered, allows Insider Books to  deliver different responses. Depending upon how you answer the questions, ePublishing delivers a free electronic book or a discount code — all based upon how you answer a given sponsor's questions.

If you are interested in integrating either these or any of our partners, please reach out to your ePublishing Project Manager