SaaS Update: More New Analytics

Monday, July 11, 2016

Many publishers are looking to drive very specific Key Performance Indicators that Google analytics cannot help them measure.  There is tremendous value in the intelligence gained from good measurement, and ePublishing continues to expand ways to empower you.

We’ve added four new types reports (with more coming) to our reporting capabilities that you can access today:

  • Articles: See view counts per article recorded within a given date range.
  • Authors: All of the below for given date range AND
    • The last time someone visited one of their articles
    • Number of visits that author was responsible for getting in the date range
    • Taxonomies the author has associated with their work (Topics, Classifications, Site Placement)
    • What specific article IDs they wrote
  • Pages: in the date range
    • Published dates
    • Number of visits
    • Taxonomy associations (Topics / Site Placement / Classification)
  • Taxonomies
    • The term
    • The last time someone looked at content associated with that term
    • The number of times someone visited content tagged to that term in the given date range.

To gain access to these reports today … step-by-step instructions are located in the ePublishing Knowledge Base: