Directory XML API: Working with print and data just got easier

As of Monday, April 24, 2023

Many of you use Buyers Guides and Directories to generate more revenue and drive engagement for your brands. They reinforce your position as the primary resource for your market. You surely don’t want the definitive list of companies in your industry to live on a competitor’s website.

It is easier than ever to leverage your directory data with ePublishing. If you have a print version or want to use the content in the magazine, you have a direct connection. There is now a simple XML-based API created specifically for your Buyers Guides and Directories.  Your advertisers are already managing their own listings and buying/paying online. This simplifies the data gathering for you and lets your advertisers keep their content up to date. Now can you get that into print or use with potential syndication or association partners.

You may be familiar with ePublishing’s powerful GraphQL API - and you can certainly use that to read and write any data you want out of your ePublishing system. There is also a simpler XML option.

Check out the Knowledge Base article – and if you have any questions, please feel free to speak with your Project Manager.