Connecting Readers with Services and Products

As of Thursday, April 27, 2023

When it comes to bringing in more revenue, we have your back. Directories, such as Buyer’s Guides, are a fantastic way to provide value to your readers, while also generating revenue. Our directory solution makes it easy for your advertisers to showcase their offerings and generate leads.

We take your suggestions to heart. You told us your readers needed a search by location feature so we did what we do best: wrote code to get it done! Now if a reader needs a service or product in a specific geographic area, then it’s easy for the reader to find what they need, where they need it. Hey, even in the digital age, we sometimes need services in our backyard.

If you use directories and want to enable the search by location feature, then refer to this KB article to get it wired up. If you are not using directories, and want to explore adding them to your site to diversify your revenue stream, then reach out to your Project Manager.