Inside Washington Publishers

As of Thursday, November 9, 2023

About the Client:

Liverpool University Press, the United Kingdom’s third oldest university press, has published research since 1899. In more recent years, they have expanded their offerings to become an award-winning academic publisher. They specialize in literature, modern languages, history and visual culture.


Inside Washington Publishers wanted to upgrade their subscription management system. They had been using a simple platform for many years, but as they grew and their business changed, they needed a more robust solution with reliable support and a wide range of options and available add-ons. Having the capability to create custom demographic fields and make a smooth transition from the old to the new system were high on their must-haves list. They also wanted to make invoicing and renewals more efficient.


Multipub allows Inside Washington Publishers to very easily generate invoices and renewal notices across all products in a single action. With custom demographic fields, they can import and use legacy data from outdated systems. In addition to managing their conversion, we also helped them integrate with SendGrid. Using these solutions together, they can easily email invoices and renewals, tracking any associated information in one place.

Client Quote:

“Our business was changing, and we needed a subscription management platform that would evolve with us. With increased email communication and online sales, we were looking for a solution that would increase our efficiency and simplify data management. In switching to Multipub, we gained these capabilities and positioned ourselves for future growth and future challenges.”

Robert Harrelson, CEO, Inside Washington Publishers

The Benefits of Multipub: