Celebrating this Star Wars Day, we bring you a bigger update than usual!


Category Level Commenting

Managing the comments as a whole, either on or off, and selecting "per story" whether you can comment or not can become very tedious. As such, we have implemented category-level commenting. How this works is by default all categories are set to false. You can then open the categories you want, and select the "allow comments" box to allow users to comment on stories with this boolean selected.

Now, some caveats. If a story contains ANY category that doesn't allow commenting, then that will override the categories that do allow commenting, making it not contain comments. However, if you wish to override this, you can select "allow comments" in the story itself and that will override ALL the other settings.

Example: My Cool story has 2 categories, breaking news which doesn't allow comments, and news that does allow comments. Because breaking news doesn't allow commenting, the story won't' have the comments table. BUT, if I want to enable it for this story, I can simply allow comments on this one story and it will override the category commenting.

Templating Example:

for category in story.categories.all

if category.allowcomments

show comments



New Pundits Template Tag for Debates

The debates application has a new template tag that allows you to filter pundits much easier.

{% get_all_pundits [YEAR] "CATEGORY_HIERARCHY_SLUG" as pundits %}

You can now use get_pundits to retrieve the full list, and provide a category hierarchy slug and/or year as optional parameters to retrieve ONLY the pundits from that hierarchy and year. For more information see the debates application tags in your developer documentation.


New Admin and WYSIWYG Editor

Many of the EllingtonCMS clients have already upgraded to our new responsive admin interface, flatpage editor, and new WYSIWYG editor for stories. The responsive admin provides you a much easier to navigate admin and allows you to get to the areas you need much faster as well as use the admin easily on your mobile devices.

The new WYSIWYG editor provides MANY more modern features that you expect out of an editor like easily insert videos or images in your stories. Simple youtube embeds more text formatting options and better layout controls.

The new flatpage editor is a drag and drop interface for building responsive, bootstrap-driven, layouts. It requires no programming knowledge and even supports a few of the most common Ellington inlines as drop-ins.

All of these enhancements were new with Ellington 3 and available upon request, as they impact daily workflow. However, now with Ellington 4 looming on the horizon, we are encouraging everyone to upgrade as soon as possible to be able to take full advantage of not only these new features but also features to come in Ellington 4. For more information about what is contained in these enhancements see here.

If you would like to have these features enabled on your dev site for testing and/or roll them out to your production workflow, contact your Project Manager via basecamp to get the process started.