NEW Version: BULA

With the beginning of the second quarter in 2021, we start off with a new version. Ellington 3 BULA will pickup where Ellington 3 Absinthe left off. Absinthe brought a lot of new features to Ellington and set the stage for what is to come in Bula.

Bula will finish off our backend Django upgrade which lays all the necessary groundwork for the remaining features in Bula, as well as future Ellington versions. The backend upgrade will put us on Django 3.2 LTS which will be carrying us into 2024. With that, we will upgrade and support all the necessary dependencies as well. Once that is complete, we will schedule the upgrade of individual sites with each client individually.

Bula is going to play host to A LOT of new print features. These include print budgeting, which will bring new fields into the story admin and the publishing app to help editors and publishers budget their print layouts easily.

Bula will also play host to an overhauled permissions system that will give us object-level permissions. Object-level permissions will let you control access to individual stories, podcasts, events, and just about every content type in Ellington.

We'll finally finish out Bula with updates specifically for DUET users. This will be the addition of InDesign page previews inside the publishing app, page status' and finally story appends from Ellington.