It's been a while...

We have been hard at work preparing Ellington 4 and the Crosstown update simultaneously to be ready for upgrades to begin in July. We'll have more news coming soon about that process and what awesome features are coming in those upgrades.


  • Plain Paste is now available in your WYSIWYG editor. Essentially, plain paste will strip out all encoding added by Microsoft Word and other Rich Text Editors.
  • Added print headline to story list view. This will make it much easier to search out stories from print in the admin.


  • Fixed an error that was occurring when English typography characters was being added into EXIF captions.Right and Left double/single quote marks are not supported by Python 2.7 default ASCII. They're being replaced by ' and ".


  • Adds more width to raw id fields. RAW IDs were becoming unviewable due to the max characters set in the field. We have now updates this to show the full ID.