ReCaptcha Now Available on Dynamic Forms

We have added the ability to add Google's ReCaptcha to Dynamic Forms now to prevent bots from submitting your custom dynamic form submissions. Ask your PM how to enable this.


View On Site opening wrong site

When pressing the view on-site button after saving a story, if you were logged into a site that wasn't the main site, and the story was not published to the main site, then the resulting page would display a 404 as it would try to default to the main site in your multi-site configs. This has been changed to now open the site you are currently logged in to.

DUET Inlines preview text bug

A bug was introduced with the new WYSIWYG editor that would show the "Ellington Inlines Preview" text in the XML payload delivered to DUET in InDesign. This has been resolved to now not show anything and instead, continue to utilize the inline manifest and send those inlines to DUET separately.

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Release Notes

Wednesday , August 18th, 2021

Version: Ellington 4.Crosstown.D5 UPDATES

  • WYSIWYG Inline Alignment updates and Inline rendering improvements and fixes.
  • Linksets UI Update

Release Notes

Wednesday July 7th, 2021

NEW FEATURES Lead Author Field added. BUGFIX Slugs not changing when a story is copied, resulting in identical slug save error.