NEW FEATURE: Obits Self Service

New templates and views for allowing users to submit their own obits for publication. You can find the new templates in the ellington_default/society/obits/ folder in your template directory. With this feature your users are finally able to to submit their obits to your team in "draft" status. Using the Bookmarks and Filters in the admin, a staff member can create views to show ONLY those obits needing approval. Utilizing the Paid Content URLs in the Paywall, you can now also charge for obit entry as well.

NEW FEATURE: New Obits Fields

  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Uploaded Image 1
  • Uploaded Image 2
  • Uploaded Image 3

NEW FEATURE: Global Pagination

We have added a new library called DJ Pagination. This new library is a global pagination library that lets you load pagination into templates and use it to paginate ANY list returned in Ellington.

{% load pagination_tags %}

{% autopaginate var_list NUM %}

{% paginate %}

var_list is the name of the list you wish to paginate

NUM is the number of items to contain in each page

{% paginate %} displays the page numbers and next/prev buttons.

NEW FEATURE: New Story Admin Columns

We are always trying to make the admin and views you receive more impactful on your day to day business. As such, we have updated the story admin with new columns to hopefully make the 50,000 FT view of stories more useful without having to open a story to see its status'. The new columns are:

  • Print Section
  • Is Live
  • Has Lead Photo

NEW SITE LAUNCH: Cash Payment News

Continuing our recent launches of B2B sites, today Reconnaissance International has launched their second B2B site Cash Payment News. Cash & Payment News™ is a unique source of information on cash and how it can be optimized in circulation from the perspective of the public, banks and retailers, central bank cash departments, consumer payments providers, and the industries that supply these.

In 12 information-packed issues per year, along with weekly updates, it provides expert analysis and commentary to help you plan for your future cash operations, with the important trends and developments in cash usage and alternative payments around the world.

UPDATE: JQuery 3.4.

We have completed testing of JQuery 3.4 and found no compatibility issues. For those interested in using it, feel free to add it to your templates.

BUGFIX: Partiton List Filter

Partition List Filter sorting was not behaving correctly. The partition list filter was sorting opposite of how the documentation described. This has been updated to match the documentation.