NEW FEATURE: Bulk Photo Uploading in Media Manager

In Media/Photos in your Ellington 3 admin, in the top right underneath the "Add New Photo" button, you will now see a new "Bulk Upload" button. This will open a new screen that will allow you to browse for and/or drag and drop multiple photos into the media manager for upload. This effectively eliminates the need to use WebDAV or FTP to achieve this. The upload process reads the EXIF Metadata from the photos on upload and creates entries for the photos in the media manager.

NEW FEATURE: New Pundit Template Tag

Params: year: int

Example Usage:

{% load pundits %}

{% get_all_pundits 2020 as pundit_list %}

{% for pundit in pundit_list %}

First Name: {{ pundit.first_name }}

Second Name: {{ pundit.last_name }}

Display Name: {{ pundit.display_name }}

{% endfor %}


Starting this year, Ellington's versioning begins a new life. Ellington Versioning will be displayed at the top left of your admin starting in Q2 of this year. The versioning system shows the Major version, the Minor Version, and the weekly release. For instance, last week's release was Ellington 3.Absinthe.A0.

3 is the major version, Absinthe is the minor version, and A0 is the weekly release number. The major release will only change every 2 years or so when we upgrade our underlying Django. Minor releases are quarterly and involve major feature releases from our roadmap. Weekly version releases are bugfixes and smaller platform updates that improve quality of life in the Ellington eco-system. These updates will always be shown here in the Release Notes each week, and we are working towards publishing our public-facing roadmap as well so you can see what will be available at each Minor release at the end of every quarter.

For Q1 the ABSINTHE release is scheduled to conclude on March 30, 2021. The roadmap for ABSINTHE is the behind scenes internal upgrade of Django which will move us up to Ellington 4. This release will also set the stage for many important behind the scenes features that lay the groundwork for the remaining roadmap items for 2021. We will get more information about these releases out to you soon.