NEW FEATURE: Podcast RSS Images

Podcast RSS now includes image paths in the XML. When sharing your podcast RSS feeds (/rss/podcasts/) The feeds now have the XML for the lead and/or tease image for the podcast episode.

BUG FIX: Duplicate Checkbox

In the photo admin, duplicate checkboxes were showing on the UI. This has been resolved and now only shows the single checkbox.

BUG FIX: Story and Photo Speed Improvements

The main story admin and photo admin views had significant performance improvements added to make the query times shorter and the views load faster. For those that are loading 1M+ stories or images, the load times were fairly slow, this new improvement will cache results so that the load time is significantly reduced.

NEW SITE LAUNCHES: Nevada News Group

The Nevada News Group came off of a WordPress system into the Ellington ecosystem. These properties once owned by Swift Communications have now broken off to be The Nevada News Group. We welcome them with open arms to our community and look forward to the coming years with them! Check out there sites: The Record Courier, Nevada Appeal, Northern Nevada Weekly