NEW FEATURE: Photo Gallery Mass Update

Allows you to mass update Photo Gallery images with a Paid Content type. You can now filter gallery images in the Photogalleries>>Gallery Photos view by their respective galleries and then mass select the ones you want to add a paid content type to and update them in bulk. This saves the time of having to open each one and add a premium paid content type to it.

NEW FEATURE: Is Supervisor Field

Inside the staff model you can now select via a checkbox whether a staff member is a supervisor or not. This allows you to make checks via templates on the current staff members access for controlling abilities via the templates.

NEW FEATURE: New Story Fields

  • kicker is a new field that almost serves as a "tease" but for more a detailed purpose. The Kicker could be used on social media sharing, or Google Amp templates, or anywhere really where it's important to add a catchy phrase to grab the readers attention.
  • is_printed is a boolean to easily determine whether a story has been printed or not. It can serve as both a checklist to keep track as well as a way to check via templates if the story also exists in physical media.
  • subscription_required is a field that will allow you to make template checks on whether a story is paywalled. This really only applies to those clients who do not use our paywall services and use 3rd party javascript drop in services.

NEW FEATURE: Tease Image on External Links

When you are displaying your external links on the frontend, perhaps you want to use a thumbnail with those links. Now you can! We've added a tease image field to the external links for just this occasion.