That's right, Bula.A2 again. This release spanned 2 weeks and contained a multitude of features.


  • Adds "Print Headline" support to NITF imports
  • Adds new backend performance monitoring and metric tracking
  • Adds new "Kick From Session" option on Authentication and Authorization users list.

Print Headline Support for NITF Imports

When importing via NITF, you can now have the print headline automatically filled in. If there is not specified print headline in the XML, the regular headline will be copied into the print headline.

Backend Performance Monitors and Metric Tracking

We have implemented a new backend system-level performance monitor and metric tracker. This will aid our support team in identify any issues early as well as more thoroughly diagnosing issues when they occur.

New "Kick from Seesion" option

When viewing the list of users in the admin in the Authentication & Authorization app, you can now mass select a group o fusers and use the dropdown at the bottom of the screen to effectively logout those users from your site.