Bugfix: View on Site button does not open in New Window

Changes the admin buttons sitewide for "View on Site" inside of content entry windows, to allow them to open in a new window instead of the current window. This will preserve content entry and provide easier access to "preview" content.

Bugfix: Added STR cast to string join on Dynamic Forms

Bug was:

coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, bool found

Reproduced by: submitting the form accessing a contest: https://www.sitename.com/contests/

Sometimes when someone adds a Boolean on Dynamic Forms this line was causing exception because you can't join a string and bool.

Fix: Added a str cast on value var

New Feature: New filters added to Classifieds Listing view in Admin.

In the admin Classifieds listing view, new dropdown filters have been added. These new filters are:

  • Published Boolean
  • Category Dropdown
  • Approved Boolean
  • Display On Dropdown

New Feauture: Add filters to Classifieds Listing endpoint in the API.

/api/classifieds/listing/ now has a filters option both in the documentation and in usage. Use the documentation to see how the filters are applied to the API call.