Publishers & Media Companies

Monday, July 7, 2008

Powerful, yet simple-to-use web 2.0-enabled tools manage the creation, publishing and optimization of content, data and eCommerce. A hosted solution, it is the power behind many industry-leading publishers.

A user-friendly dashboard integrates: Workflow, Content Management System (CMS), eCommerce System, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video, Advertising, email Newsletters and your fulfillment/circulation system.

When content is your commerce, ePublishing is the answer.

Revenue Generating. Easy-to-use. One Integrated Solution.


Benefit from a proven solution tailored for publishers and media companies. Our consulting capabilities and eCommerce expertise identifies best practices and new sources of online revenue to meet your workflow and revenue objectives.

You can trust ePublishing; the solution that powers numerous high-volume, high-availability, revenue-critical Web sites for leading publishers worldwide.

In addition to skilled technologists and professional business consultants, our staff includes former journalists and publishers who understand editorial, advertising and circulation – and how these disciplines align with your business.

ePublishing is customized to fit your specific needs. Once the application is in place, your staff can use ePublishing's user-friendly tools and features for every aspect of publication management – from workflow thru to fulfillment.

  • Empower editorial staff to update websites and create email newsletters, news feeds, video and wireless delivery.

  • Effortlessly integrate online and print subscription and advertising programs.
  • Streamline content and multi-media management to speed production.
  • Automate processes and content delivery to multiple channels.
  • Extend your brand with value-added content and subscriber benefits.
  • Leverage built-in SEO to drive more traffic

For each element of your business model, ePublishing provides an integrated easy-to-use tool that requires minimum training for unmatched speed-to-market.

ePublishing simplifies the process of creating, managing and distributing content, enhancing user experiences, tracking readership and analyzing data.