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Wednesday , September 15th, 2021

Ellington 4.Crosstown.A5

New Templates For months, we have been working on a new set of Bootstrap default responsive templates. They are now ready for clients to use as either the primary design or as a starting point for future designs!

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Wednesday, September 29th 2021

Ellington 4.Crosstown.C6

User API We have now opened up our USER model via the API which will now allow you to build integrations with 3rd party apps by allowing the creation/authentication of users.

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Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

Ellington 4.Crosstown.A6

Self Service Obits Today we release Phase 1 of Self Service Obits. This phase will allow site users to submit obits that can be moderated via the admin. Directories We also release today, Directories. This allows you to import, user submit, or submit via the admin a list of "places" and have users "claim" them as a means to setup business directories

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Ellington 4.Crosstown.C7

Date Hierarchy Drilldown Update We've updated the Date Hierarchy Drilldown options in the Story Admin to be faster and more effecient. BUGFIX - Embedded videos cutting of content below it. Fixed a bug that after you added an embedded video it would not let you edit the content below it anymore.

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Tuesday August 10th, 2021


NEW VERSION: 4.CROSSTOWN "Where we're going, we don't need roads" -- Doc Brown, October 21st, 1985 That's right folks, today we release Ellington 4, and what an unprecedented update this is. Read on for the full list of new additions, changes, and upgrades!

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Wednesday , August 18th, 2021

Ellington 4.Crosstown.D5

Version: Ellington 4.Crosstown.D5 UPDATES WYSIWYG Inline Alignment updates and Inline rendering improvements and fixes. Linksets UI Update

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Tuesday July 27th, 2021

Ellington 3.Bula.A4

Version: Ellington 3.Bula.A4 NEW FEATURES ReCaptcha Now Available on Dynamic Forms BUGFIX View On Site opening wrong site DUET Inlines preview text bug

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Ellington 4.Dinah.F7

NEW VERSION: 4.Dinah A New Way to Handle Your Content Paywall API Custom Content Fields Auto Fill Bylines Story Auto Saving