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June 11, 2010

ePublishing has over a decade of experience delivering results-oriented solutions to our clients.

Our singular focus on your success drives our commitment to services that make you more money, lower your costs and dramatically improve your processes.

  • Integrate your systems onto the Internet, craft web-based applications and impact business process with our Custom Application Development services
  • Invigorate your users, advance usability and encourage time-on-site with Strategic Design
  • Improve your uptime, and increase your site speed with our PCI-Compliant Hosting Solutions
  • Drive more revenue and more traffic with automated Search Engine Optimization and built-in best practices

Partner with ePublishing to experience how the combination of advanced products and world-class Services can energize your business.


Case Studies, White Papers & Product Information delivering advice & information to get more by publishing in the cloud.

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ePublishing Blog

Social Media: Keys to Shareable BtoB

Social media is a likely a large component of your editorial and marketing strategies. Thinking about what makes your content shareable can really help to expand your audience and your reach.  

What Publishers Should Ask About Responsive Design

The nature of responsive design will continue to evolve, but your content will always be at the heart of it. That’s why questions like this should be part of the conversation with your designer. 

BtoB Audience Personas: Four Tips for Publishers

BtoB publishing is its own animal and there are a few key points to remember when establishing and applying audience personas to your content marketing approach. 

Five Reasons Why Segmentation = Revenue

Data is only data, unless you do something with it.  That’s why we start by using it to segment our audiences. 

Four Reasons Your Readers Will Love Behaviorally-Targeted Content

 We’ve been talking about how behavior-based content can drive revenue and increase the value of your audience’s experience. 

4 Reasons Publishers Love Behaviorally-Targeted Content

Behavioral Content is content that responds to how readers interact with your website. But, it’s more than that.