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Why Choose ePublishing

June 11, 2010

The ePublishing platform provides dynamic publishing of unlimited content through any channel at any time.

  • Engage your readers, with contextually relevant content, products, events and other value added resources presented via browser, mobile, or tablet.
  • Empower your staff to manage all site content from one easy-to-use dashboard with workflow and tools to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.
  • Make your websites the focal point of your business, employing superior design and usability with related Content, Community & Commerce that drive page views, purchases and time on-site.
  • Drive Revenue per Reader (RPR) with our unique combination of in-depth user data and eCommerce: analyze customer/member data by purchase history or content preference to support intelligent product offers, target your marketing and cultivate customer-driven product development  - capabilities to increase revenue are only possible with integrated data and eCommerce systems.

Who says service is not a feature? We are one of the most experienced solution providers in the industry. You can benefit from decades of real-world excellence and a commitment to support, turnaround and execution.


World-Class Technology


Make more money! Our SEO-friendly, taxonomy-driven platform automatically presents related Content, Community, Commerce, Advertising and special offers.

Create an engaging, relevant visit to increase time on-site and improve the user experience. ePublishing ensures your users don’t leave your site looking for enhanced features and functionality. Made To Integrate

Designed to be integrated – ePublishing can interoperate with any number of in-house and back-office systems you desire.

For publishers – your circulation, fulfillment and CRM systems are the heart of your customer outreach and renewal efforts. Integrate these systems with your online properties to create a complete 360-degree customer experience. Flexibility Built-In

With a fully extensible component-based architecture, ePublishing was engineered from the ground up to be customized and tailored to your specific needs.

If desired, you may leverage your in-house teams to build features and functionality that can be delivered through the ePublishing system. Rock Solid Stability

Engineered using the latest application architectures, hosted on hyper-redundant systems and monitored 24 x 7 by experienced engineers – your site stays open for business. Easy To Use

Simple-to-use tools lower the cost of operations while intuitive workflows and a robust user experience speed time to market.

Fanatical 24 x 7 Service

Our approach to service and support defines ePublishing and is singularly unique in the marketplace.

Problems are addressed within minutes, turnaround times on new features and functionality requests are swift – and with engineers monitoring our support portal around-the-clock, you can be assured your site is our top priority.

Focus On Increasing Revenue & Decreasing Costs

ePublishing is dedicated to generating more revenue for you, while lowering your total cost of ownership and decreasing your operating costs.

This simple fact is the guiding principle behind our product and technology development, our service offerings and even our training and ongoing support.

Partnership Approach

ePublishing believes in developing seamless relationships. The moment we accept a new client, we become a true partner who drives measurable results.

We take great pride in understanding the critical nature of your business, your customers, your content, your commerce and your processes.

Industry Best Practices

With decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t – because we have probably tried it.

We have the experience to know what increases sales, what improves your processes and what encourages users to spend more time on-site.

We realize that our clients are busy professionals who possess limited time and are responsible for their own performance goals within their organizations. At ePublishing, we assume those goals as our own.

Pls see the attached link.  What do you think of a series: Twitter, Linkedin, FB, Pinterest for lead gen, for example.

Case Studies, White Papers & Product Information delivering advice & information to get more by publishing in the cloud.

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