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BNP Continues to Elevate their Portfolio, with Four Website Relaunches in Two Months

January 22, 2013
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When leading BtoB publisher, BNP Media, joined forces with ePublishing, they had no small task in mind. They wanted to boost their online business to create deeper audience engagement and increase revenue. In order to do so, they needed to efficiently and deliberately relaunch 80 websites from their portfolio, representing 10 different publishing groups. They looked to ePublishing’s Enterprise Publishing System to help them deliver greater value to their advertisers and readers, while quickly deploying the new websites with a healthy blend of branding consistency and unique content.

How’s It Going?

20 sites were relaunched in the first year. The very first site relaunched, Security Magazine, was awarded an AZBEE in the New and Relaunched website category—proving that BNP is not sacrificing quality for speed. BNP is continuing on their trajectory towards project fulfillment, with four new sites launched in the last two months, and more on the near horizon.

Each new site reflects the benefits of ePublishing’s Platform, with features and functionality tailored to its business objectives, including traffic building, lead generation, and squeezing revenue from multiple channels. In addition to traditional advertising revenue, BNP sites present customers with a variety of sponsorship and placement opportunities, including webinars, events, video, buyers guides and more - all with intuitive, consistent navigation and branding.

Process Heating

Process Heating provides a single source for temperature-related information to manufacturing engineers employed in the process industries. Process Heating's articles provide how-to information relevant to operation, purchase, specification, design, maintenance and consultation regarding heat processing equipment that creates, applies, transfers, controls, moves or removes heat, and/or measures, monitors or senses temperature.

Site Highlight: Social Sharing and Delivery Options

With the relaunch of Process Heating, came a more engaging and interactive website—with a wealth of social sharing and delivery options. The homepage features a running twitter feed and a sidebar that presents quick links to subscriptions, feeds, webinars, registration, print options and more. Meanwhile, a social sharing toolbar appears at the bottom of each page, encouraging readers to share via their favorite social platform—with Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter. What’s more, individual articles have their own like and share buttons, as well as printing and emailing options.

Process Cooling


For over a decade, Process Cooling (a supplement to Process Heating) has helped engineers stay abreast of  cooling technologies and equipment developments. As the only supplemental publication

focused on industrial cooling equipment, Process Cooling delivers an effective blend of practical how-to articles, new product announcements, industry news, case histories, literature reviews and product roundups.

Site Highlight: Intuitive Design

The new Process Cooling takes advantage of ePublishing’s enticing visual design capabilities—incorporating video and image galleries, eye-catching headline and image pairings, various advertising placement and size options and intuitive navigation. A visit to the homepage provides the reader with an array of information, organized to present resources in an accessible format without overwhelming. Resource pages organize information in a tile fashion, based on topic, so that readers can gain an overview of what is available, while easily finding what they are looking for.

ePublishing’s unique semantic tagging system allows Process Cooling staff to tag related content, leading readers deeper into the site with links to topic pages on related subjects, companies, industries or other criteria. Relevant resources are presented in context, when readers are most interested in finding related video, premium content, and other resources.

Forge Magazine

Forge Magazine, the child publication of Industrial Heating, was established in 2006, to provide the world’s largest and most comprehensive integrated media resource focused on the business and technology of the global forging market. With a circulation to more forge shops than any other industry publication, Forge reaches a substantial audience including distribution in India and China.

Site Highlight: Dynamic Resources

Like other BNP sites, Forge utilizes ePublishing’s triple-tier taxonomy system to present contextually-related content to its readers. But the publication also presents opportunities to discover related content on its parent publication, Industrial Heating. This not only allows readers to focus on the specific content that Forge provides, but also access resources that may enhance their overall expertise and place it in a larger context. Yet, Forge also provides a wealth of tailored resources, like the Buyer’s Guide. Readers can search by company and products, while advertisers can log in, create and manage their own listings—giving them year-round exposure to more nearly 15,000 forging industry professionals.

Pollution Engineering


Pollution Engineering is the leading industry publication for today’s engineers and consultants in pollution control. By providing the latest news and information regarding air, waste, water and remediation, Pollution Control strives to educate its readers about the business benefits of proactive environmental control by illuminating regulatory requirements, economic and trade news, and innovative equipment, products, technology and services.


Site Highlight: eCommerce and Lead Generation

The new Pollution Control is embracing advanced lead generation capabilities by offering a variety of advertising options to their sponsors (along with the Buyer’s Guide). Visitors are presented with event advertisements that make registering easy and appealing with discounted registration offers. Additional ads appear on the homepage and throughout the site, artfully integrated into the design, and presented in context, with a variety of multimedia, including video and still images or graphics. Meanwhile, Pollution Control has begun to sell products directly from their site, using ePublishing’s eCommerce capabilities. With an on-site catalogue and shopping cart, content and commerce converge with related products on article pages, search results or within the product catalogue. The built-in shopping cart allows Pollution Control staff to track buyer behavior and product preferences and to present related offers, as well as closely manage the checkout process—to ensure a complete and smooth transaction.

These are just a few ways that BNP’s sites are utilizing ePublishing’s SaaS CMS. While additional sites continue to relaunch with speed and integrity, BNP does not have to worry about investing in servers, systems or additional staff to run their hardware or develop new software. Instead, regular updates from ePublishing keep the new sites current and optimized, while the CMS streamlines editorial processes—so BNP staff members can focus on content development and creating core revenue-generating opportunities.




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